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Reviewing 2021

  • Celebrate your wins

  • Evaluate what worked and what didn't

  • Identify what needs to go and release it

Building 2022

  • Create your life vision

  • Make a master list of 2022 goals

  • Create an actionable plan for the year

ONLY $44!

DEC 30th, 2021

JAN 4th, 2022

Sound good?

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*If you can't make a session live, you will receive the replay and the worksheets to complete the process on your own!

If you feel like...

  • as a freelancer, you aren't in control of your business

  • you set goals but never achieve them

  • you have too many goals and don't know where to start

  • it's going well, but you're uninspired

 In this workshop, you will...

  • gain useful insights from the past year and apply them

  • build out your life vision so you're aimed in the right direction

  • set up goal posts throughout 2022 to keep you on track

  • let go of any dead weight from the past 2 years

  • be inspired by being around other goal-oriented freelancers

  • get motivated and excited for your business in 2022!

I'm so excited!

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2021 has been a WEIRD year for me, and I want to make sense of it. I hope you'll join me!

I'm Ingrid Holm, Spanish-English translator and personal development geek. Vision building has been one of the most powerful things I've done in my business and I want to share my process so others can experience it, too!

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